Thursday, April 23, 2009


I forgot to mention in our last Blog that we ended the day with a tasty dinner at the El Paso Peter Piper Perfect Pizza Parlor, and then went to the Parsonage for Vespers, relaxation, and conversation. Oh, BTW, our team was staying at the Parsonage of St Lukes UMC, Pastor Skip Hodges' home.

Tuesday, Day Two, was a very productive one. We were able to finish the drywall ceiling patch in the back bedroom, install three new doors, reinforce a front window frame, seal several exterior and interior stucco and concrete cracks, paint most walls and ceilings, install crown molding in the kitchen, and purchase and deliver kitchen cabinets, countertop and appliances.

After work, we had a delicious dinner at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant, and then returned to the Parsonage for Vespers. Later, we watched a local TV News clip of a former El Paso Dance Instructor, Moya (?), who was a finalist on Dancing With The Stars. Pastor Skip, was at the Dance Studio where Moya taught, and was in the TV clip for half a second.

Wednesday, Day Three, Bob and Irene, left the Team and returned to BWI. The Team was left to install kitchen plumbing and appliances, paint concrete floors, finish painting, and finish installing a bathroom door. The Final Four Team of Mary, Suzanne, Gordon, and Pete completed the job, and came back to Maryland on Thursday, leaving the home ready for Jose Luis and Family to move in next week. We hope they love their new Home.

Chalk up another successful St Matthews UMC Volunteers in Mission (VIM) Trip.

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