Monday, October 26, 2009

Maryland House, Gulfport MS - Monday-Day One

What a great team we have, and what a privilege to be able to work together with the Mt Zion UMC team from Highland, Howard County, MD. Most of their group had been volunteering for three or four weeks here on the Maryland House Construction. We really had a lot of progress today, caulking and painting around the exterior fiber-cement siding and trim at the street-side porch gable and main entrance porch gable. Baffles were put in the attic eaves, and then cellulose insulation ( a "green Product") was sprayed in over 80% of the attic crawl space.

At 9:50 am, our time (10:50 am, your time), everyone on site stopped work to pray, and to sing the Navy Anthem in honor of Chuck Mock, as you were celebrating his life, at St Matthews. We all were very moved, and felt you were with us in spirit.

We'll finish the attic insulation and all exterior painting, and paint all interior walls and ceilings tomorrow. It was a wonderfully, pleasant, and cool day today. However, it's supposed to rain tonight; so we hope it doesn't slow us down. More on that tomorrow.

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